Opatija and Bejahad

As a musical interlude for your day, we present Los Pasaros Sefaradis live from 2008.


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Karen Şarhon speaks and cooks with Olivier Despretz

Tireless Center director Karen Gerson Şarhon recently paired with well-known host and personality Olivier Despretz to talk about Sephardic history and food. Watch the videos, learn, and get hungry!

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Un Reportaje Echo en Estambul kon Miembros de la Komunidad Djudiya

Piel de Foto, a magazine published by young photographers from Barcelona, included an engaging article about Judeo-Spanish in Istanbul and features photographs and quotes from Center director Karen Gerson Şarhon and El Amaneser contributor Klara Perahya, among others. Read the article in Spanish, Catalan, and English at http://issuu.com/pieldefoto/docs/pdf__09_web/33

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A farewell to Pesah

Below, a couple of traditional songs to enjoy before the end of Pesah.   Enjoy the return of chametz!

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Centropa materials now uploaded!

Back in 2005, we partnered with Centropa to document Sephardic oral history in Istanbul.  Out of this partnership came numerous in-depth interviews, formerly hidden family photos, a video, and great stories.

On the new “Centropa” tab on our upper menu, you can now study the poster exhibits of this research from 2007’s European Day of Jewish Culture as well as link to interview transcripts and a video of our very own Guler Orgun’s life, narrated in Ladino.  Enjoy the view into the past!


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Agada para Pesah

Searching for the perfect Ladino agada for your Pesah seder?

In 1995, Sephardic Bikur Holim Congregation in Seattle, USA began self-publishing Shabbat and holiday prayer books that more accurately reflected their Sephardic (more specifically, Tekirdagli) heritage.  Former SBH Hazzan Isaac Azose compiled and edited a Pesah agada in Hebrew, Ladino, and English.  You can find this perfect agada for sale at the American Sephardi Federation or on eBay.

For a more collectible agada, check out Vidas Largas’s 1982 facsimile of Istanbullu Nissim Behar’s 1962 agada, for sale at Hebrew Books.

We’ll add more as we find them!  If you know of any other sources, please add links in the comments.

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More of what you love

In additin to uploading new editions of El Amaneser, we’ve added a new section to our blog.  In Past Events, you can read summaries and view photos from selected past events run or attended by our director, Karen Gerson Şarhon (she’s everywhere!)

In the next week, we’ll be posting more information about Sephardic Pesach traditions and Ladino songs.  Be on the lookout, and enjoy Exodo en Google below.  Shabbat alegre!

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