Yako Taragano Synagogue Hymns Choir

The Yako Taragano Synagogue Hyms Choir has been performing Zemirot hymns for years and have introduced them to the general public in many performances.  Because of this, they were chosen by the Ottoman-Turkish Sephardic Cultural Research Center to help realize a major Zemirot documentation and recording project.  Fourteen hymns were chosen from the rich treasury and recorded by the Choir.  After the music was written down and translated into Turkish, Ladino, and English.

Yako Taragano was born in 1957 in Istanbul and has been studying Turkish classical music and its maqams since his primary school years.  He is the founder and director of the eponymous choir and today is the director of the Dostluk Yurdu Derneği youth club.

From the album Zemirot II: Turkish-Sephardic Synagogue Hymns


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