The following websites will connect you to more information about Sephardic Jewry.  Happy hunting!

Şalom Gazetesi is the Turkish Jewish community’s weekly newspaper.

Gözlem Kitap publishes Turkish, French, English, and Ladino nonfiction and fiction books.

Turkiye Hahambaşılığı, or the Chief Rabbinate of Turkey, provides information about current Turkish Jewish communities and synagogue visitation policies.

eSefarad publishes news in Spanish and Ladino about Sephardic communities across the world.

Aki Yerushalayim is the world’s only Sephardic cultural magazine entirely in Ladino.

Ladinokomunita is an extremely active Internet correspondence circle in Ladino.  You can find their working Turkish-English-Castilian-Ladino dictionary here.

Centropa is an interactive website of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European Jewish oral history.  They recently launched a special website, Jewish Witness to a Century, focused on the 20th century Sephardic Jewish experience, featuring in-depth essays, videos, photos, and more.

500. Yil Vakfi Turk Musevileri Muzesi, Istanbul’s Jewish Museum, documents the journey of Sephardim from Spain to the Ottoman Empire, the Jewish community’s life in modern Turkey, and the mutual influences of the two cultures upon each other.

Radio Sefarad broadcasts Spanish and Ladino news, music, talk programs, and more.

Got more links we should know about?  Feel free to leave them in the comments!


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