Founded in 2003, the Ottoman-Turkish Sephardic Cultural Research Center is Istanbul’s hub for everything relating to Turkey’s Jewish communities.
The Center collects, archives, and documents Sephardic cultural productions to promote the survival, celebration, and academic study of religious and secular traditions, food, music, and the Judeo-Spanish language.  Please visit our main website at http://www.istanbulsephardiccenter.com/, become our fan on Facebook, and follow our publications on Scribd.
Board of Directors

Karen Gerson Sarhon, Coordinator
Silvyo Ovadya, President

Selim Hubeş

İzzet Bana

Tilda Levi

Contact Information

T:+90 212 231 92 82 F: +90212 231 92 83

Atiye Sok. Polar apt. No: 12/6
34365  Tesvikiye

About” için 9 yorum

  1. My dear

    It was a surprise and a pleasure to collect my stories through the internet.
    God bless you

    Rivka Abiry/Haifa/Israel – my stories run for months and months on page 10 of El Amaneser

  2. Felisitasiones!!!
    Un grande lavoro de amor sovre muestra lingua keridas Karen i Guler..Solo bravo,bravo i mas bravo i buen koraje pata kontinuar.
    Vuestro amigo en Salonik
    David Kounio
    Si avia un “search” boton para topar artikolos???

  3. Hello, I received your web site from a relative in the U.S. and I am interested in joining your group as I am a sephardic jew (my mother was
    born in Istanbul, deceased long time ago). Please advise me if it is sufficient
    to use https://sephardiccenter.wordpress.com each time I wish to see the
    activities of your group. I live in Canada.
    I can read the ladino language very well. Thank you for your attention.

    1. Hello Eli:

      Thank you so much for reaching out to us! This blog hosts media files and occasional research updates from the Center. You can check here to see new activities, but also be sure to visit the Center’s older site, http://www.istanbulsephardiccenter.com/, which holds a wealth of information regarding Sephardic culture and ongoing projects.

  4. Aze poko tiempo enkontri vuestro blog. Yo no saviya ke ay una gazeta tan buena komo “El Amaneser”. Meldi kon grande atansiyon i alegria. Kero selebrarnos por su ovra maraviyosa. Felisitasyones de un amigo turko! 🙂

    1. Mersi, Aykut Alp! No ay dinguna koza komo muestra gazeta. Si kere resivir los muevos numeros de El Amaneser i siempre saver ke esta afitando en el mundo sefaradi, ke se abone!

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