Centropa materials now uploaded!

Back in 2005, we partnered with Centropa to document Sephardic oral history in Istanbul.  Out of this partnership came numerous in-depth interviews, formerly hidden family photos, a video, and great stories.

On the new “Centropa” tab on our upper menu, you can now study the poster exhibits of this research from 2007’s European Day of Jewish Culture as well as link to interview transcripts and a video of our very own Guler Orgun’s life, narrated in Ladino.  Enjoy the view into the past!



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3 responses to “Centropa materials now uploaded!

  1. This is a wonderful project! Congratulations. Guler’s film is fantastic!
    Is there a way for the rest of us to add some photos and information about our families?


    • Hi Rachel:
      The official interview and photo project has ended, and I believe only Sephardim currently in Istanbul were interviewed. Right now I believe Centropa is focused more on developing educational materials from past interviews. You can always contact them directly to see if they’re interested in collecting more materials, but I believe that intensive process may be over.

  2. Rachel – please get in touch with me. It is about the Izmir Project.

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