Neve Shalom celebrates 60 years

Last week, Istanbul’s central synagogue for life cycle events, Neve Shalom, marked its 60 birthday.  Although never forgetting past tragedies, the Jewish community forges ahead and celebrates life.

You can read more about the famous Sisli synagogue’s trials and triumphs at Hurriyet Daily News, and of course visit its website for more information.



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2 responses to “Neve Shalom celebrates 60 years

  1. Dear everyone at the OSRC,
    I have a suggestion: Write your weekly digest in Ladino as well, and then I will personally see to it that many more people subscribe to receive it.
    Thank you for the wonderful work you do.
    Rachel Amado Bortnick

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Rachel, it’s a great idea. Once we get everything uploaded and updated, we can start translating to Ladino so we can reach everyone.

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