New Weekly Ladino Radio Broadcast!

Every Saturday from 2-4 pm (Israeli time), you can listen online to a new Ladino radio program.  The new show, broadcast on Israel’s 91 FM Radio Lev Hamedina, will feature singer Kobi Zarco’s interpretations of Ladino songs and retellings of traditional stories.  Click here to access Radio Lev Hamedina’s website.  Radio Sefarad, Radio Nacional de Espana, and Kol Israel also broadcast daily and weekly Ladino emissions and maintain extensive archives of past programs.

In the following video, Kobi Zarco sings las koplas de Purim.  Hope your celebrations were great!


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One response to “New Weekly Ladino Radio Broadcast!

  1. Es una maraviya sintir a Kobi Zarko! Lo ke kanta en primero no es kopla de Purim, es la kantika del fuego de Salonik.
    Kol akavod, Kobi!

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