What Do Yiddish and Ladino Say To Each Other?

Click here for an extensive and fascinating discussion from America’s Georgetown University between researchers Miriam Isaacs and Judith Roumani on the development, roles, and influences of Yiddish and Ladino in Jewish history and culture.  If you ever wanted a crash course in the history of Ladino, Judith delivers.  A full description of the event appears below:

What are the roots and branches of Yiddish and Ladino? What role have they played in Jewish history and how have they served as ‘Jewish languages’ in parallel but not identical ways? Two exceptional scholars, one in Yiddish and the other in Ladino, will share an extended conversation moderated by a linguist from Georgetown’s faculty to address issues that carry from sound patterns and linguistic detail to cultural identity, and from gastronomy to Zionism and the question of what ‘Jewish’ has meant across history and across the world.

Hosted on February 24, 2011, at 6:00pm, this conversation on Ladino-Yiddish languages  featured Miriam Issacs and Judith Roumani and was moderated by Ori Soltes.


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